BVM Clean Scene Pty Ltd is Australia’s first-ever forensic cleaner and the premier provider to government, enterprise and private individuals of bio-recovery and trauma/forensic cleaning services.

BVM Clean Scene pioneered the Australian forensic cleaning and restoration industry in 1996 and remains Australia’s longest established company specialising solely in forensic, crime and trauma scene cleaning and restoration.

Serving the Sydney Metropolitan as well as NSW regional and rural areas, the company is staffed by diversely qualified and professional personnel including registered nurses and forensic scientists and delivers prompt and professional services with discretion and sensitivity.

  • Crime Scene, Trauma Scene, Suicide
  • Human Decomposition
  • Squalor and Neglected Premises
  • Sharps Removal and Disposal
BVM Clean Scene Forensic Cleaning

Trusted service provider to NSW Police, NSW Corrective Services and Sydney Trains
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About BVM Clean Scene

”My promise to our customers is that, at BVM Clean Scene, we will always endeavour to provide the highest levels of service in a prompt, compassionate and professional manner, in what we know is the most difficult of times.”
Pam Marsden RN RM
Managing Director
BVM Clean Scene Pty Ltd

The management and restoration of incident scenes where exposure to human bodily fluids exists is a highly specialised task. The risks of contamination from possible pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis, meningitis etc cannot be overstated. Such restoration requires a high degree of protection for personnel, unique skills and understanding of the situation and adherence to strict safety and materials handling procedures in order to neutralise these risks.

BVM Clean Scene is not a normal cleaning service or contractor, but a professional service delivery company whose core business is the restoration of property following violent crime, Scene of Crime (SOC) investigation, suicide, decomposition, neglect/squalor etc. It provides a unique and valuable service to victims of violent crime and other bereavements who wish to put the incident and its after effects behind them as quickly as possible. Its services are available to assist government, commercial and private organisations, as well as private individuals, in quickly restoring affected property after the occurrence of such events.

Founded in 1996 by its Managing Director, Pam Marsden, herself a registered nurse, BVM Clean Scene’s mission is to provide professional, efficient and reliable services in the most delicate and demanding of situations.

BVM Clean Scene is 100% Australian-owned and is operated by highly-skilled, professional and ethical personnel. Its services are highly-specialised and commence only after the premises have been released by the relevant authorities. All BVM Clean Scene personnel are experienced in the handling of such situations and, accordingly, its services are delivered with efficiency, courtesy and sensitivity.

The company maintains full and current insurance coverages as well as enforcing policies which are strictly in accordance with Occupational Health, Safety and Environment requirements. BVM Clean Scene Pty Ltd is a Trades Monitor accredited company.

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Each incident which BVM Clean Scene attends is unique in nature and requires the use of different techniques or the application of specific chemicals or other agents. The location may be in public or private premises or even in a vehicle. What should be borne in mind at all times is that the scene must be considered highly toxic and contaminated and must not be entered or approached by personnel unskilled in the handling of such situations or inadequately protected from the biohazardous risks associated with the surrounding environment.

BVM Clean Scene is well-experienced and equipped to cope with these situations, applying a range of processes to quickly restore the scene to a safe and habitable standard. These processes may include:

* Removal of Police evidence collection chemicals and materials
* Elimination of biohazardous material
* Elimination of the effects of decomposition
* Blood and related stain removal
* Dispelling of offensive odours
* Disinfection and sanitisation of premises
* Safe disposal of sharps
* Safe disposal of biohazardous and contaminated waste matter
* Restoration of squalid/neglected premises